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Thread: Major problem withone of my cats!

  1. Mrs.Bueller
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    Major problem withone of my cats!

    I am afraid I am going to come to a dead cat!

    We have three cats. All three of them were strays. We have 1 girl, who is my roomates, and two boys. The last couple of days, the female cat has gone completely off her rocker. We just adopted a new cat a couple of months ago, and My cat the other boy, is a little hyper, so at night to prevent him from destroying our apartment, he gets put in my room. The other two cats are out in the living room and get free run of the house. The last two nights, and today even when we are home, and right there, the female cat has been trying to kill the new cat. I don't know what has gotten into her. There are no other problems with the other cats, and usually she is so docile, and she is usually the one who gets scared and skitish. She is out for blood. She stalks him and trys to kill him. I don't know what to do. We have to lock her up, but she howls at night. Help. If you know what to do. She is completely cracked.
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    I honestly have no advice or suggestions but I do wish you lots of luck-thats scary
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    Was she the first kitty that you got? Maybe she's feeling unloved or something Is she spayed? It is possible she's going into heat...or she just wants at the other kitty? I'm really not sure, but I wish you tons of luck

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