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Thread: sleeping

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    so were do your puppies sleep? joe said that since we dont have a crate we need to put tilly in the bathroom so she wont pee..........well i put her in there for 10 and she did nothing but bark. woke up trent and then i had a baby crying and a dog barking!!!

    our backyard is fenced in. should we get her a dog house and let her live outside? i need help or it is going to be a long night!!!
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    before we bought the crate for our puppy, we put warm blankets on the bathroom floor...yes he did bark but our only other option was to let him sleep in our room...
    puppies do not like to be left alone at all...i heard that if you put a warm water bottle or heating pad under the blanket, and a stuffed animal to cuddle up with then that can work too...
    good luck though cuz they just want to feel secure..that is why my puppy was put in the plastic kennels..the vet told me it just makes them feel it supposedly helps with housebreaking them too
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    you could try a radio with soft music playing and definitely put some warm blankets or towels right out of the dryer so they feel warm! I would definitely leave a little light on for her so she feels comfortable and isn't scared. The radio will help block any other noises though and it will be a soothing hum for the puppy!!!

    HTH! New puppies are hard work, but they are SOO WORTH IT!!!

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    We have a boston terrier pup and for the first few nights she slept in a crate and hated it. But she trained fast with the puppy pads so we just shut our room door and let her sleep in the living room or where ever she feels like sleeping. She switches back and forth...we have an antique faint couch that she hops up on and sleeps on or if there is anything in the laundry room, she will curl up in whatever it may be and sleep there
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    Now, our dog sleeps in our room, but he slept in the kitchen the first few weeks. Dogs/puppies need a "safe place". the easiest place for that to be is a crate. They suggest a bathroom because it is small and cozy. the puppy is going to whine and bark at first, you can't stop that. but he will get used to it. I would suggest getting a crate. our dog goes in his crate a lot just to hang out - we never close the door unless he's in trouble and if he's scared by something he'll go in the crate.
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    How old is the dog? Puppies get seperation anxiety just like kids. THe puppy could very well be missing his siblings and mama.

    A hot water bottle wrapped in blankets helps. It makes it nice and warm like being next to mama. Also a clock helps too. Sounds like mama's and brothers and sisters heartbeat in there, etc

    Otherwise not alot you can do. The puppy is gonna whimper and whine. Even in a crate. Its part of having one A puppy is almost like having another child!

    I too would suggest a crate. They need a "Safe haven" to go and are usually alot easier to potty train in a crate. The puppy will associate the crate with it being "his" and usually wont potty in there at all and will gradually start to hold it.

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    When we got bruce he slept in the bathroom for the first night...he did pee in there. He also barked quite a bit, but we didn't give in and let him bark. We got the crate for the second night and he still barked a for probably about a half hour and then stopped. He did that for about 2 or 3 nights and then never again. My advice is to not give in or he/she will know that when they bark you will come to thm and then they will keep doing it. It was a rough few nights, but worth it in the end. Our dog sleeps in the crate everynight and has never gone potty in the crate.
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    We got a crate when Apollo was little and I would bring it upstairs at night and put it by my side of the bed. The most he ever whined was half a minute. When he got bigger I started leaving him downstairs in his crate and he was fine. Now the big lug sleeps on the love seat .
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    I agree with everyone else about the crate. Mine looks like a giant hamster cage and Gidget (she's only a chihuahua so she's little) loves it. I use a warm rice sock every night with plenty of coushy (not a word ) blankets every night. The puppy will cry for the first few nights but they will get used to it. It's hard, but I guess it's like letting a baby cry
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    We used to make our dogs sleep in the kitchen with their doggy bed, but now that they are house trained and can hold it through the night, we let them sleep in the bedroom with us.
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