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Thread: why close the park?

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    why close the park?

    the chesapeake dog park is closed cause of the jubilee going on in the city park. but the fair isn't even all the way set up and running yet, but there's a big chain with a pad lock locking us out of the park.

    and i don't get it. why do they close the dog park during the fair? is it cause all the kids that will be around? cause if you have kids that are scared of dogs, or you're scared of having your kids around dogs...don't take them to the fenced in dog park part of the park. as a dog owner, i'd be more apt to go to the fair if i had a place i could run around with my dog and get her exercised and exhausted before walking around the fair. people are going to be walking about the fair with their dogs anyway...why not let them get some energy out in the dog park? i just don't get it...

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    I agree that's weird they closed down the park.

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    Hmmm, that is parents use that park all the time for their 2 dogs, heck I use it when I visit. I love the Jubilee but odd they would close the park down...the dog park is like waaaaayyy over to the left.

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