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Thread: French Bulldog Owners??

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    French Bulldog Owners??

    Ok, so DF and I have always wanted a French Bulldog, and we are thinking about getting one when we get married. Quick problem though.... If DF were deployed and i wanted to fly home, would you be able to fit one in a doggy bad and carry them on the plane with you?? just out of curiousity...
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    I don't know what the weight limit is to carry dogs on the plane with you. I would research the breed and see how much they can get up to, then contact the airlines you usually take home and see their weight limit.

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    we have a frenchie. She's about 5 1/2 months and weighs about 17 pounds. Full grown shell weigh 25 pounds or so. I doubt you'll be able to carry her/him on cause even though they're smaller dogs they're still heavy and stout. I think it's easier to just make sure they're crate trained and take it that way.

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