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Thread: it's just not a new month without a trip to the vet

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    Whatever it's just not a new month without a trip to the vet

    so, guess i started May the way i'm bound to start every month--at the vet.

    we're averaging probably about 2 visits to the vet a month. i'm destine to never got a month without seeing the vet.

    today it was for gwen. she got a cut on her foot and i, i guess not thinking straight, cleaned it, put neosporine on it, and bandaged it. the cut happened on tuesday and i've been changing the bandage after every time she'd been outside cause it's been wet/rainy. and she was still bleeding. i really didn't think much off it cause it's on her foot and she's putting weight on it, i figured it was gonna bleed for a while. turns out i probably helped some bacteria thrive by keeping it warm and away from air flow.

    anyway, i get home from work today, let them out, and go to re-wrap her foot and realize it's swollen!
    (in case you can't tell, it's the foot on the right of the picture)

    so i called the vet and they squeezed me in this afternoon. she got an antibiotic shot and some pills for at home. so i'm out $123. blah.

    but her foot has already gone down drastically and she seems like she's a lot more comfortable walking on it. so it was worth it.

    and so...i'm bound to never have a vet free month.

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    dude her foot was huge! poor girl! and your poor bank account. for her!!!
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    Aw, her poor little foot!

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    I feel your pain. We had $1300 in surgery in February after eating a bone and then $1700 n post surgery complications. If that wasn't enough we had to go to the vet yesterday for $492 after hiking led to a bacteria infection. Hope her foot feels better soon.
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    Aww poor girl. Her foot looked so huge!

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