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Thread: Dogs & water

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    Dogs & water

    How do you introduce a puppy to water? Diesel absolutely hates getting baths, it is like trying to bathe a cat it's ridiculous. Today when I gave him his bath I let the tub fill up since he is still small enough that it comes up almost to his neck when the tub is full but he just wasn't having it. We're in an apartment right now and we do have a pool but pets aren't allowed so I really don't know what else to do? I want him to be used to it now before he gets too big and is always afraid of it like my other dog was. Any suggestions?
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    I took a shower with my pup and sat there, held her and let it hit her back so she knew it was ok.... Do you have like a lake near by? I always took Austin to the dog beach/Sand Bar and let her play in the water.
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    We always took our pups to the beach and let them run around and get used to it themselves. Definitely take them by a lake if you can.
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    I've just given them baths regularly since they were puppies and they grew to like it. They sit nice and still for baths. Stormy likes to jump in her kiddie pool I have for her
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    With our puppy we try and make it fun. DU and I both do it, he always gets a treat and lots of attention. He also comes in the shower with us
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    Hmmm.... I'm probably not much help since I didn't adopt Asia till she was nearly 2....

    But I just have her come in the shower with me.... and talk to her the whole time, while I'm scrubbing her down with the doggie shampoo. She seems to prefer it over us sticking her in the tub alone.

    Most of the time, she just stands there and licks the drips off the wall
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    do you have a lake or a pond or anything nearby? Lucy hated baths, and the ocean ( the waves scared her) but she loves a lake and jumps right in.
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    This sounds mean but I kept throwing Cal in the pool and pretty soon he loved it. Swimming is his favorite now and he is fearless
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    I might get flamed for this but with Flounder being a hunting dog and all (for waterfowl) we broke him in like all the others we've had. We threw him overboard to get him used to it. He's fine now about retrieving (balls, birds, stick, etc) in the water. We still can't get him to calmly take a bath in a tub though. When it's warm enough, we incorporate his bath into fetch in the Sound. Works for us.
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    Lu does not swim but she's fine with baths. She doesn't like it if I put her in a tub with water in it. I have her hop in then turn on the water and bail it over her with a cup or use a sprayer if I have one.
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