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Thread: spoiled pets

  1. missinglkd
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    spoiled pets

    my cat just jumped onto seat and layed down and went to sleep beside me. he is all stretched out, its is so cute. i just realized how spoiled his is. So i thought i would see if i am the only one with a spoiled animal

    he will throw himself against my bedroom door if he is ready to go to bed and i am not

    also the other day i was sitting inside my car on the phone and it was sprinkling outside, he jumped in my car (the door was open) and got in my passenger seat and went to sleep

    he is a mess but i him
  2. The Cat Whisperer
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    The Cat Whisperer
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    My kitties are spoiled rotten.

    It's disgusting how much they get away with.
  3. MIA for awhile...
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    My sisters cat- thinks she is a princess. I can't stand her.. we have 3 cats and shes the one that annoys me the most. She is littertrained but for some reason she thinks she can go to the bathroom in clean washing!

    I guess she likes the feeling of cotton instead of kitty litter.

    Anyways my bedsheets and spread are egyptian cotton with a 600 thread count. SHE ALWAYS sneaks into my room and sleeps on my bed.

    Grr so annoying!!
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  4. Cher
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    My dogs are SO spoiled. My boyfriend can't understand why I let them get away with so much, but he doesn't know how much they keep me company when he's gone. He shouldn't talk though, everytime we go to Walmart he buys something for the dogs ... he's just as bad as I am
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    So cute.
    blinkies by Britt
  6. Cherrish
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    If my cat doesn't *feel* like I'm giving her enough attention, she starts to tear up stuff, and she also does the 'throwing herself against the door' thing.
    And if she's hungry and I'm asleep, she'll paw my back and meow LOUDLY until I wake up.
  7. Live.Love.Laugh.Learn
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    my cat used to climb onto my lap whenever i was at the comp and she wouldnt move, then i would get up lay her back on the chair and she would stay there till i came back, then go back on my lap I miss her
    ^ tell em Sam* sent ya!
  8. srchieffam4
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    I don't have cats but my dogs think they are children!!!!

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