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Thread: I Think Her Leg Is Broken *update*

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    I Think Her Leg Is Broken *update*

    I was outside a little bit ago, and I noticed my black cat was limping a little, (but didn't think much of it at that moment) and then took a closer look once I got her inside.

    She has a huge lump right where her leg joint is.

    I am so freakin' worried... I called the vet, and made an appt. for tomorrow, but I'm going to try and get her in tonight. Thankfully, they don't close until 8pm. Now I'm just waiting for DH to get off work so we can go get a cat carrier (the dog ate our old one) and then I'm bringing him and lil' bebe back home, packin' up the cat, and taking her in.

    She's been jumpin' around a little bit, but I can tell that it hurts her, and when I press very lightly on it, it feels like there is a bunch of fluid under her skin where the bump is.

    She has an infection.

    They are keeping her overnight so they can "pop" it and drain it... the Vet said that the incision is gonna look pretty nasty for a couple of days, but they won't stitch it because the bacteria needs to drain.

    Either she got into a fight with another cat (one that lives outside) or for some reason, when her and her sister (that I own too) were play fighting, she got nicked.

    She's okay, all things considered.
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    Poor baby. I hope that you get her in to see someone soon!
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    I don't think it's broken, if it were broken she wouldn't be jumping around. But I do agree you need to take her in sooner to find out what's wrong! I hope it's all okay

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    It could be a lot of things. Best to take her in and have the vet take a look at it. Chances are, if it was broken she'd be crying out in pain and staying off of it.
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    hope everything turns out ok!
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    Glad you got her in. Abcesses can be particuarly nasty. Don't be surprised if she comes home with a drain tube stitched into her leg as well.

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