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Thread: Cats and Shear Window Treatments

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    Cats and Shear Window Treatments

    Does anyone else have this problem?.....The Siamese Kitten (Sakura) is a couple months shy of being a year old...she was found in a flower pot outside my work and I got nominated to bring her home and tiny age of 4 weeks. Well she is super fascinated by the shear window treatments we have on the canopy bed. She will hide in them and roll all around in the stupid shears. It drives me nuts when I climb in bed and the shears start moving. Well it's now gotten worse and she will find shears on whatever window, or our bed to play in.....she's already ripped a few down a few times. Cats are annoying!

    I'm a dog person, why did I have to marry a cat lover!!!!!! The 3 cats drive me bonkers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Squirt her with a water bottle when you catch her in the sheers. Otherwise she will be playing in them for the next 15 years!

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