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Thread: Yes I can feel my toes thank you

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    Yes I can feel my toes thank you

    So Diesel is learning not to bite slowly but surely. He always tries to bite my toes for some reason and I tell him no and push him away every single time. Well just now he jumps up on the couch next to me and starts licking my toes because he knew I was watching him. I just kept my eye on him and he is literally staring at me as he's licking away, this went on for a good 5 minutes or so. Then the second I look away he starts biting, I guess he thought I wouldn't know he was biting if I wasn't looking?

    I found it pretty funny sneaky pup.
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    what a little monkey!
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    Awee arent pups the cutest?
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    That sounds just like Meesha. I love it

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    oh I can not stand licking of the toes.... awwww.... But a guess it has to be better than biting...
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