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Thread: Can I heeelllp yeeww??

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    Can I heeelllp yeeww??

    Do you ever get your pets sitting or standing there staring at you for the longest time for no apparent reason?

    Usually the pigs only stare up at me when they want food , and Momo specifically will practically stand up on his hind legs when he wants snackies (aka: raisins ).

    But Dori, that crazy fuzzball is a weirdo sometimes, she's just stand there in the middle of the dining area and just watch me as I walk around the kitchen cooking or something, or will just stand there and stare at me from her cage when I'm doing stuff. With those big brown eyes and twitchy little nose. I talk to her, and ask her "What? Can I help you? what do you want?", and she just stares back ....unlike Enkei, when he stares at me and I talk to him, he talks back! For real i swear, he stands there and moves his little lips and shakes his head up and down and he looks like he's talking! Ok, no words come out, but I KNOW he's trying to tell me something Momo the pig also does this sometimes, moves his little lips....but I know what he's saying, he's saying "I WANT MORE RAISINS!"

    Sooo, do your little weirdos stare at you for no reason?
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    My dogs do it all of the time
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    My Maggie dog (my mom's dog but I her and wish she was mine) Will look at me like that and when I ask her what she wants she will run away and come back with a toy or jump at the fridge where she knows her treats are on top of it! She's such a smart dog! I keep telling my mom that I'm going to kidnap her when DH and I move! I'm gonna miss her SOOO much!

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