If you live around the Chrleston, SC area and you need a groomer, the place we take our dogs is THE BEST groomer I've ever used http://www.thegroomingroompetspa.com/about-us.html

We used to go to Petsmart because we hadn't found another groomer yet and my dogs were scared to go there... they'd also keep my lab who would only go in for a bath for 5 hours, every time. This place is done with both my dogs in about 3 hours and that includes a full groom on Emmie and a Furminator treatment for Stormy. My dogs LOVE going there, they are happy when we pick them up and they look and smell better then they ever have coming home from another groomer. We take them there once a month. They are also priced really well.

We also buy our dog food from there (Eagle Pack Holitic Select) and one day we showed up 20 minutes after they closed (didn't realize when they closed) to get food. We saw the owner outside and he actually went and opened up to sell us the food. He even gave a dicount on it One day Tony's phone wasn't ringing when they tried to call to let us know the dogs were done and Tony didn't pick the dogs up until an hour after they closed. Tehy werent mad at all and they were happy to have had time to play with my dogs . They are some of the nicest people i've ever met.

I feel silly for "plugging" for them, but I am really so impressed with their service and kindness.