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Thread: Using the bathroom in the house when excited or nervous!

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    Help Using the bathroom in the house when excited or nervous!

    Ok so i got my pit bull from an animal shelter when she was about a year old, so I really dont know how she was treated in the past! but when someone comes in the house (most of the time guys, but some girls) sometimes she gets scared and starts peeing in the house even though she is completely house broken! Sometimes it is not even when she is scared, sometimes she gets really excited and does it then! How do I break her from this???

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    well she is fairly young and a lot of dogs do this mine did it until she was about a year and a half! Something you could do is if you know people are coming over tell them not to acknowledge the dog when they come into the house, don't talk to her, look at her, t ouch her and let her come up to them check them out first and maybe 10 minutes into their visit sit on the couch and call her over to pet her! Her peeing is her way of expressing her excitement because she has no other way to get it out...

    does she ever roll over while doing this?

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    we got our dog from the humane society when he was 4 months took what seemed like FOREVER to potty train him, and hes not completely broken tho. sometimes if he sees someone he really likes or hasnt seen in awhile he gets overly excited still and has an accident. i usually put him outside and have whoever came over go out to see him so they can get it out of his system outside and then we can all go inside and the pup can play jungle gym all he wants. we also think he used to be abused so if he does have an accident we just raise our voices at him and he goes to the door to finish up outside.

    its sad how people can treat animals so horribly, and we dont know the history when we get them from shelters.

    try to do the same thing we do with our dog tho, along with not saying anything to her when people show up to show that shes not the center of attention and she doesnt get so worked up.

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