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Thread: How do I get my cat to stop getting into the garbage?

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    How do I get my cat to stop getting into the garbage?

    My cat is a year and a half old. She's never had any problems ever with getting into the trash. She has this fascination with bottle caps too and she's seen me throw countless bottle caps in the garbage and it never once dawned on her that if she knocked the trash over, she could get to them. But this past week she's been knocking it over and making a royal mess every chance she gets - including when I'm standing right next to her! A few days ago I came home to a half-empty bag of chips strewn all over the floor and crushed. This morning I woke up and at some point during the night she's strewn leftover ribs from dinner last night around and there was barbeque sauce everywhere. Gaah! How do I get her to stop? I'm thinking about buying a trash can with a locking lid or the kind where you step on a peddle and itopens up. Anyone have any better ideas?
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    i had to do that with Narnia. She wouldnt take things OUT... just hang out in the trash.. Kitties are weird. Yeah, it solved the problem.
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    Cats don't much like citrus smells. Maybe you could try cleaning out your trash can, (inside and out,) with one of those orange cleaners? Or put orange potpourri near by?

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