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Thread: Thank You to the Woman Who Found My Dog

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    Thank You to the Woman Who Found My Dog

    My darling furbaby decided to dart out my door when i had it open for a few seconds. a friend was over visiting, and he tried to catch her but she is FAST. unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened, and i rescued her from an adoption agency that found her as a stray. chances are that's how she became a stray.

    anyways, long story short.... i tried running after my darling but i am ridiculously out of shape. a woman down the road picked her up and saw me running towards her. THANK YOU FOR CATCHING MY BABY! so many emotions ran through me when i got her back. i was so happy to have her, but sooooo mad she ran away! oh well, thank goodness she's back!
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    Thank God for that woman. God bless her heart.

    I am happy you have your fur baby back.
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    That's so awesome of that woman. Some people don't even care to try to catch them.

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