Have any of you read this book? I love watching his show on tv.

To be honest, this has completely changed the way I work with my dog. I've been trying everything I can to find a way to nip her dog aggression in the butt. She used to be a really good dog with her litter mate for the first 2 years of her life. Then all of a sudden the two of them snapped and started to be aggressive. The other one is perfectly good with dogs now that they are separated BUT my 80lb shepherd mix is still aggressive.

After reading this book, I've discovered my errors in the way I treat her and the way I handle her. I've noticed a significant difference. She still is aggressive but it's mild. I'm working towards walking her with her sister again, eventually letting them play together and then introducing her to other dogs again.

I highly recommend the book if you're having behavioral issues with your dog. It's not only for aggression.