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Thread: Wild turkey

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    Wild turkey

    The bird, not the drink. I let the dog out into the yard when we got home today, next thing I know she's in the bushes causing a big ruckus. I figure she's got the cat treed or something and walk over to call her off. A big freaking turkey comes flying out of the bush right at me, with the dog in hot pursuit! Holy crap! It's gobbling and squawking and manages to fly over the fence to a low lying branch in the neighbor's yard. Where I notice it's got no feathers on it's side, just skin and bit marks. Damn, I call Animal Control, just to see if they want to do something, but they only handle cats and dogs out here. It eventually flew across the street, no idea if it will survive or not. Why must my dog insist on trying to eat everything that comes into our yard??? Usually it's rabbits and other small mammals, this was a big ass turkey! I'm glad it flew away, not sure what I would do with a carcass that big. Is my dog the only freak out there that does crap like this???
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    That's so random...I've never seen a wild turkey. I think I'd freak out if I did. Poor Turkey...hopefully it survives.

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    I initially thought of whiskey! I don't have a dog, but I've been begging for one, so I can't really help. But here a bump for ya!

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