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Thread: No more fosters for now......

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    No more fosters for now......

    We still have our two siamese babies with us - we haven't had any luck placing them and, frankly, I'm not ready to let them go. We have gotten attached to them, specifically DS who considers TupTim to be "his" kitty (and she considers him to be her human). I told DH that I was thinking we might make them permanent family members and he told me he'd support any decision I made. The catch is, if we keep them we will have 5 permanent resident kitties - that's pretty much my limit so it means no more fosters for now. I'm okay with that. I LOVE doing the foster work but the last couple of placements we did were very hard on me and, more so, the kids. Temporary love just isn't something they can do. I think if I do get back into fostering it will be at a point when they are older, possibly even up and out. It's draining - rewarding, but draining.
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    Fostering animals is hard, hard work. I don't blame you for needing at least a break. You've done more than most can say they've done.
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    Its great that you've done it for so many animals! I don't blame you for having a tough time giving up animals you've become attached to again and again. I honestly don't know if I could do it once. Good on you.

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