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Thread: I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing

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    Nutts I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing

    Stormy has just started barking when someone unexpected is suddenly there. Now when we take her out or whatever, she loves EVERYONE. She doesn't bark at other dogs, animals, nothing when we take her places or when people come to the door and we greet them... but lately if she sees someone outside the yard or someone comes in the house and she either is taken by surprise or she isn't there with us when we let them in, she barks at them.

    Today we crated her and Emmie before the housing guy got here for the inspection. He came in and when he walked over around the corner to look, she barked at him pretty good. She has one hell of a DEEP bark too! She stopped pretty quick and did it again when he came around the corner. If we had answered the door with her I know she would have been trying to get him to pet her. It seams she is becoming protective... well maybe not protective, but is starting to alert us that there is someone unusual there.

    The other day Tony jump over the fence into the backyard to grab something for the neighbor and the dogs were in the patio and Stormy went nuts barking until she realized it was him. She is NOT a barker at all, so when she barks it's pretty unusual to us

    I'm not sure if I like it or not... I think I like the idea of her alerting us if/when someone unusual comes into the house or yard though
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    Sandee barks from time to time. Its so unusual it scares me every time Usually shes playing with the cat when she does it. I don't think shes ever barked at a person. In her mind people only come here to play with her. I wouldn't like it if she started barking at people. We didn't get her to be a guard dog.

    Once in awhile she'll catch her own reflection in the sliding door at night and scare herself. She'll growl and her hair will stand up. I always have to and and turn on the light so the "scary dog" will go away.

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