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Thread: What is wrong with her?

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    What is wrong with her?

    My stepdad's dog has been horrible! She has started pooping in the house. She's been house trained for over 3 years.
    And now, she ripped up the carpet from the second living room. Nothing could stop her!
    We put her outside as a timeout. We had to tie her up for about half an hour. She is being a terror.
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    Has there been any change in her environment?
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    sounds like she is upset with you...did you change your hours? are you giving her attention and exercise time with you?
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    Sounds like she is bored when it comes to the carpet. The pooping... a change in the environment can do it... a change in the amount of attention she gets... a medical problem.. it could be a lot of things.
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    Change of diet as well?
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    It might not be intentional...I'd take her to the vet. Others have already asked the questions I was wondering...

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