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Thread: Pedi paws??

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    Question Pedi paws??

    Does it really work?? My labs nails are terrible, but I'm too afraid to clip them myself. I usually just use a nail file, but that takes a long time to do.
    So does anyone use the pedi paws??
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    I have one but I've never used it since my cats are petrified of it.
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    I used my neighbor's once. It worked pretty well.
    HE'S HOME!
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    I use a regular dremel. Honestly, I have never used one.
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    The dremel works better, the pedi-paw is pretty low powered. I have two big dogs as well, so it took freaking forever.

    Much quicker with an actual dremel. But it does take a little bit to get the dog used to either.
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    I have it and I love it. My only issue is it's a little whimpy on the power so it takes a little longer. I used to use a regular dremmel and it was faster but I prefer the pedi paws only because it has the little hole in the top to hold the nail in place, it makes it a little easier. I keep my labs nails as short as they can go without quicking her.
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    I have it and like others my only complaint is that its pretty low powered. I have to do a little bit at a time on my dog cause he's a big baby and runs from me after I get just a little bit done, lol. My hubby has a dremel, maybe I'll just try that next time
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    My dog hates it.....but she hates if anything touches her feet. I think she's just a spaz. So I really can't tell you if it works because I've never actually used it to it's full extent.
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    we have it for angel and other then it being a little noisy I like it. She kind of freaked out at first but once we figured out that the best way to do it with her is to have her laying on her pillow while one of us does it and the other person pets her she does fine. I like it a lot better then clipping her nails.
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    My hubby bought it for our dog and I hate it .. my doggie too ..
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