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Thread: second dog?

  1. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Question second dog?

    Ok I know I've posted about this before, but now that dh's deployment is coming up I've been thinking about getting a second dog more seriously. Sadie is almost to the point where I can leave her out in the house while I'm at school, and I want her to have a friend to play with. She and DH are best buddies, and she hates when he leaves. She wanders around the house whining for DAYS.

    So I was thinking that if we get a second dog before DH goes, maybe she/he and sadie could keep each other company. I think she needs someone to play with and I can't always get her down to the dog park. If we DO get a second dog we will definitely be fencing in our backyard, especially with summer coming up, so she can run around off her chain back there.

    Do you think this would help or maybe she would just resent the intrusion. I do think that as much as I loooove puppies we'd be adopting a dog from a mini schnauzer rescue I found.
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    I think she would love having a friend! We got our first dog like last May? And maybe a month later, got another one, I was worried about them getting along ect, but they LOVE each other now!!

    Loves her Beautiful Wifey, Liegh.

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    I think it's a great idea My dogs would be miserable without eachother.
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    my dogs took INSTANTLY too each other...We got our aussie as an older (2) dog from the breeder...They met in a parking lot and are inseperatable!
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    I had Mitzie for 8 years before I got Murphy but they were like peas and carrots best friends before I had to put Mitzie to sleep last June (old age heart problems). I'd like to get Murphy another friend but I'm just not ready for another dog yet.

    If you go to the pound to get one, I know they usually let you bring your dog in to see if a dog you've selected gets along with your dog, that might be one avenue to look into.
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    We got Tito, our now almost three year old pooper at 12 weeks old, two weeks before my husband left for Ranger School in 2006. It was great for my older dog, to have a playmate when my husband was away and I was working two jobs. I don't know how I would have made it through my husband's 13 month deployment without my pups. They keep me sane. I think getting a second dog is a great idea, for you and your other dog.
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    i got my rottie when my chow was 5 yrs an then got a maltese when my chow was 11 an my rottie 6 my rottie thought the maltese was her baby ... he was a tiny furball when we got him an now there inseparable ... the maltese is so over protective of the rottie yes i said it right ... the lil shit thinks he's bigger than he really is ... but they get along great despite there sizes unfortunately my chow passed away at 13 ... but the 3 of them together were fine. if something happened to my rottie i dont think i would go for another just yet ... i love my furbabies but when it comes to them getting sick or needing early morning walks im beat!!!!
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    I think it would be great too! We got our second dog when our puppy was 6 months old. The second one was already 2 yrs when we got her. They are such best friends and great company to each other while we're at work. And now that DH is deployed they are keeping me company, I don't know what I'd do with out them.
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    i think it's a good idea. i want to get my little Daisy a playmate cuz she is so lonely
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    it's a WONDERFUL idea.

    i ALWAYS have to have two dogs, because i feel horrible if i cant make it home in enough time to allow ample romp time...

    just remember though-dont expect the dogs to take to each other automatically. it could take a few hours-or even a few days. dont stress about the situation either. my older lab (7) took about two weeks to full take to my younger lab (4)... if you adopt from the rescue-see if you can take your current dog with you to meet the other dogs. find a dog with the same type personality as your dog.

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