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Thread: Having a water loving dog

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    Having a water loving dog

    Is the best fun sometimes. Sandee just came in the room and her face is wet to her eyes. Even the tips of her ears are wet. She plays in her water bucket. I call it snorkeling. She blows bubbles out her nose and everything

    She will also get in the shower if you ask her to. She gets in and tries to drink the water. Its so funny.

    This summer she's getting her own kiddy pool.
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    Stormy is the same way She is a lab of course, so she should be that way
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    Our Sadie has her moments. She loves going to the lake and just wades right in. We're afraid she's just going to swim right off so we keep a rope on her just in case. She's in and out of the tub, but when I shower, she lays right there against the tub waiting for me then licks the water off my feet. LOL She'll only go in water if she can walk in though, no leaping off into the water.
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    We got our Lab a kiddie pool. It's so cute to see her go jump into it. I really love watching her jump off of docks when throw her sticks in a lake.
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    awww!! I could envision that next time Pictures please
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    My parents' lab mix HATES water...she won't go swimming or anything. But the German Shepherd we used to have loved it. She loved swimming, but she also got so excited whenever anyone was using a hose outside. She was so happy when she was getting sprayed with the hose!
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    aww we need pics!
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    that is so cute!

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    Dali is a Newfoundland, famous for loving water. when she goes to the dog park she steps in the water bucket. i think it's because she wants to go swimming. i wish we could take our dogs to the river together!!

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