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Thread: Rating a Rat as a pet

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    Rating a Rat as a pet

    I give having a rat as a pet

    Our rat Lola is just.....She is just the sweetest & cutest little thing ever!

    She is very social, easy to care for, & so smart.

    We have had hamsters beore and honestly, hamsters are no where near as fun as having a rat. My experience with hamsters have been they are nippy (bite), sleep pretty much all day, and are just no where near as social.

    When I say her name her little ears & head pop up from where she is sleeping. She says goodbye to my dh every morning, by standing up in her cage and waiting patiently for her little treat he gives her

    The kids can get her out anytime of day and hold her & not worry about her being grumpy from being woken up like a hamster.

    She gently takes treats from our hands. I thought I was in for it the other day......I thought I was going to be bit.......I stuck my finger in the cage, I was gong to pet the top of her head. She thought I was giving her a treat......I felt her mouth go around my finger.....her teeth touch my skin ever so gently and then she pulled back. She had the perfect opportunity to bite the crap out of me and she didn't

    I just this little rat so much! She brings me so much joy....I can't walk by her & see her cute litte face and not smile!!

    Not the greatest pics because I have a crappy camera and I suck at taking pictures too:

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    I LOVE RATS!!! They are like mini dogs, I swear.

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    My girlfriend has some as well she loves them!
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    I had one sophomore year in college for a psych experiment and LOOOOOVED him! He was so sweet and cute! Ours were on a water and food restricted diet though (they needed to be thirsty for the experiment) so they stayed pretty small. I've seen some rats that get HUGE cuz they can eat whenever. How do you keep your rat healthy but still smaller at the same time???? I want to get a pet for when my husband deploys and a dog is just too much work for me to do alone. Thanks!
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    She is so darn cute. I LOVED the rats my Bio 2 teacher had in the classroom. I spoiled them with buttered toast from the cafeteria everyday.. lol

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    I had a rat when I was younger and he was the coolest pet I have had by far! I just wish they lived longer. He lived 4 years, which apparently is a LONG time for rats.

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    The last picture looks like he is praying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinkerbell View Post
    The last picture looks like he is praying.
    I think she was...I think she was saying "please, oh please give me one of my strawberry yogurt treats.....please"

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