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Thread: What is up with the paper?!

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    What is up with the paper?!

    My dog is like a maniac, eating napkins and tissues constantly. I always put the trash up because I know from past experience that she'll eat dirty tissues, they make her throw up eventually. But just now she's sniffing the floor like mad, can't figure out why. I get up to check the tv and she runs over, stands up at the table and takes a clean napkin off the table and tries to slink away with it. Like it's beyond just the occasional dirty tissue snack, she's going after anything paper. She trying to tell me something or is she just really bored?
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    Hmm I don't know. My Havachon loves dirty toilet paper products and will also eat clean stuff. She only goes after it if she gets somewhere alone for a period of time that she has access to something, which is very rare.

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