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Thread: How old was your dog

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    How old was your dog

    When you stopped having to create them all the time?

    Sandee with be a year old in April and I wouldn't dream of letting her roam the house unsupervised right now. She only goes in her crate when I tell her too. At some point I'd like to be able to put it away and have that space back.
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    We never used a crate, we would fence off like our kitchen and let them have that space and once they were potty trained we would let them go farther, if no one was home they went into the kitchen. Our Lab was probably a year when we let her go out by herself unsupervised (by that time she could jump over the dang gates). My mom was REALLY protective of her dog (our cockapoo). She was really tiny and mum was afraid that she'd get stuck under a chair or the couch. She was probably a year and a half before she got free range.
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    Spirit is almost 2 and we still crate her. Not so much to control behavior anymore, but that is HER space. I dont see us ever getting rid of the crate.
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    My dog is a year old and just got full rein of the house.
    Well... he was never crated when I had him. But his previous owners had crated him. We just shut all the doors to the bedrooms and bathroom and let him have the kitchen and living room.
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    around 2, we still crate her when we leave the house though. its like she gets angry and then she rips the trash up. she is really good at night time though.
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    Ida Mae is almost 3 and she still gets crated when we are not there. It's her space, she runs there as soon as we grab the keys.
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    Emmie is about to turn 2 and she is still crated at night and when we go out. As of right now I see them always being crated when we arent home.
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    Goose is 8 and definitely does not need to be crated, but he LOVES it, and acts depressed if I take it away, so he always has it.

    Angus is 5, and we thought he had grown out of it around the 3 year mark, but every once in a while he regresses, and in a big way, like destroying a piece of furniture, so he's back to being in his crate.

    They really don't mind it though. When they see me get the keys, they usually head that way on their own accord.

    They have free reign whenever we are home, even at night.
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    my old dog was about 2. we'd have him go to his crate when we'd leave, we just wouldn't lock it. he usually just hung out there because he liked it though.

    our new puppy, she'll probably always be crated. she's crazy when we leave if not.
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