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Thread: Need an AWESOME home!

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    Help Need an AWESOME home!

    Please help. I'm located around the Baltimore Area now, my furson you see below in my siggy needs a home ASAP. I'm leaving soon for the Army and everyone that was supposed to take him permanently for me has backed out. I'm running out of options.

    • He IS NOT declawed and won't be
    • Gets along with well behaved dogs
    • Gets along will all people (he loves everyone)
    • Going on 4 years old around May
    • Very lovable, will curl up with you when you sleep
    • Thinks he is human Partly my fault for how he was trained and how spoiled he is
    • Hopefully someone that is willing to send me updates for just a little bit until I feel completely comfortable. This is really hard for me, I raised him and went through a lot and he was the only one I had at the time

    If anyone is interested please let me know via PM or on here. I'm gonna subscribe to this so I'll get all updates!

    BTW if you don't know anything or can't help, PLEASE PLEASE this!
    Thank You to brentscrystal

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    Here is a link that provides a list of cat rescue groups in your area. While it isn't the same as placing him into a home yourself, it is an option to have as a back-up should you not be able to find a place for him.
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    I hope you find a good home for him, what a cutie!!
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    Awww I wish I were near there, I would take him!! I will definately this for you though. I hope you are able to find him a good home.
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    Sorry I'm not able to help but here is a for you.
    We got married on July 15, 2009!

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