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Thread: I've asked this before....

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    I've asked this before....

    But I forgot what was recommended.... my baby has some serious dry skin again.... someone mentioned fish oil, but I forget if it was on the food, or on his skin...... and I'm not computer literate enough to figure out how to locate that old OLD post.....

    HELP! TIA!!!

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    I know you can buy a fish oil pill for dogs. I'm not sure about putting it on like a lotion, but a lot of dog food also has fish oil in it.

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    Have you thought about switching foods? The food my dogs were on was causing bad dry skin on my lab.

    The fish oil is put onto their food if you use it

    We switched both dogs over to Eagle Pack Holistic Select Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon Meal formula a couple of weeks ago. Stormy's dry skin is already clearing up I didn't think we could afford a better food like that until we realized this one was the same price as what we were feeding and the daily amount they eat is less, so we're actually saving money
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    Yep I would check out what he's eating first...if it has tons of fillers (corn, wheat, bi products) I would switch
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    Go get a soothing Aloe and Oatmeal Conditioner... and shampoo too if you can afford it. Its always worked great on my animals!

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    Aloe & Oatmeal conditioner/shampoo..... check. Hunny always gives him his bath's but since he's gone right now..... *sigh*.....

    As for finding a different food (he eats Pedigree adult formula, so I'm sure it's got plenty of fillers etc....) how would I go about that? I hate asking vets, they just tell you whatever brand they carry there in their hospital.

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