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Thread: Diabetic cat

  1. Crystal
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    Diabetic cat

    Does anybody here have one? I am dealing with my baby Gabe he is fighting for his life right now. He is so dehydrated and just doesn't look good at all. I went to see this morning and it was sad. He wouldn't even look at me. When he saw me in the room he looked and heard my voice and then turned his head when I went to kiss him or talk with him. I told him he had to get better to come back to the house and take of the other three but I also told him if he didn't want to fight that I would be ok because I never want him to suffer.

    I talked with the vet this afternoon and we are going to give him 24-48 hours to perk up(they are giving him insulin shots) and get his sugar down and then we will talk about the options. They have tested him for everything and all of it is normal. They can't get a urnine sample from him because he won't urniate in the box and just lays in his urine. The vet said she will get a sample by sticking a needle in his bladder to get some.

    I just want my baby to make it through this fight. The others here in the house are sad. If I loose my baby my house won't be the same. The 3 that I have here don't really like each other they tolerate but none of them cuddle or lick or anything.

    If you have one do you treat with pills or shots? Are they on a special diet? Thanks.
    Here is my baby Gabe

    Here he is with his partner in crime

    This is how we spend most days. He was my buddy.
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    I don't know anything about the topic but my prayers are with your beautiful feline!

    Thank you for my siggy Stacey!
    He's home from Iraq!
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    Awww.. I hope he gets well soon! I know it's hard when they're sick. We lost our kitty to renal failure back in '04...

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    I have never even heard of that! But, I hope everything goes well!! Good Luck!
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    I'm so sorry-I have never heard of that but I wish you luck & good news with your cat

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