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Thread: Cat Ladies HELP

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    Cat Ladies HELP

    I'm really worried about Sassy ... the fur around her tail, backs of her legs, and on her sides down her butt is coming out HORRIBLY .. I just sit here and rubbed it and had a handfull of hair ( that's not common for her ) Does anyone know what this could be ...? I'm worried about my baby I called and made a vet appt. but I didn't take an appt. till Wednesday but I was wondering if anyone thought I should take her in sooner ... she's not acting different really but this is not normal for her and she looks like she's getting thinner ( I'm worried about her when she doesn't eat )

    Help ..
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    my cats have losing their hair really bad for about the past 2 weeks. I called my MIL and she said that it's cause of the heat. They havent been like normal either, but i havent either cause of the heat. so hopefully that is all it is. i would go with your gut feeling on it!! hope that its nothing major!!!!
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    My cat back home was doing the SAME thing!!!! So my Mom took her to the Vet. Come to find out my kitty has/had an anxiety disorder because I moved away. My mom was a lil pissed because she paid for a "Kitty Shrink"...LMFAO!!!! She's all good. No meds were ever prescribed...LOL!!! they even have Xanax for cats?!? HAHA!
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    Like the others said. It could be from heat, or stress or a combo of the 2. It could be an allergy, or it could be something like ringworm (sometimes that'll start with hairloss and then the round patches can start from there) Could be an irritation, It could be alot of things. Just make sure she is eating and if she is acting normal then she'll be fine until Wednesday for her appt.

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    It sounds like it could be an allergy...possibly flea? My older dog has a low thyroid and suffers from terrible allergies, his back end and tail hair fall out every summer. It is horrible for him. But, with thyroid meds and monthly steroid shots, he is slowly getting better. Hang in there.
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    Becky, I'm so sorry sweety-I just want to say I'm sorry & hope she gets better! Poor Sassy
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    It could be stress .. Poor thing has been through alot .. First I leave her with ass munch, then he moves her to a new apartment, then I come and take her and move her to a new place and then after she gets attached to Nick he leaves her too... then I'm not home alot during the day .... Aww it makes me feel horrible for her I'm going to go ahead and take her in tomorrow morning and see what they say .. poor thing ..

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