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Thread: Is she sick?

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    Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.
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    Question Is she sick?

    I know this is probably a dumb question but i just want to make sure before i spazz out Our kitten has been asleep all day and Jack woke her up and i went over to her and noticed her right eye isn't all the way open.. .well it is but that slit thingy that covers their eyes when they sleep is like stuck on part of her eye and it just doesnt look right. She is also sneezing ALOT and it sounds really gross and her nose, the left nostril, is runny. She also went to the bathroom on the floor today (my fault bc i closed the door to the room where the liter boxes are ) and there was blood in it and also about a dime size, maybe a bit smaller, drop of blood. Sounds like she needs to get into the vet, right? She was acting completely fine last night What do you think?
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    yes i would say call the vet.
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    Yes, she is sick! Take her to the vet - there is clearly something going on with her and you won't know exactly what it is until you have her examined.
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    yep take her to the vet

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