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Thread: Dog and his sensitive belly...

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    Nutts Dog and his sensitive belly...

    Advertisements 8 month old lab is a little terror. An absolute terror.

    We got him 3 months ago and he was on Pedigree puppy chow. I switched him over to regular Pedigree Crunchy bites (what I feed my other dog). We had about 3 days worth of diarrhea with his stomach adjusting but he turned out fine!

    Well...about month ago, I gave the dogs a treat of beef and gravy (in the can) mixed with some food. Bad idea. It got him sicker than a dog. Two days of white rice, some Immodium, and he was getter better. Then numbnuts discovered he could reach the counter. He ate a whole pan of green bean casserole and continued having diarrhea. He was getting much better and having more solid bms until last week. Numbnuts discovered newspaper. He shredded about 4 newspapers and wreaked havoc in my living room with black and white confetti. (He got out of his cage while I was at work.) Apparently he thought it would bind his guts.

    Long story short...I can't get his diarrhea to go away completely and I'm at the end of my rope. It gets better, but never subsides. I figured I would see if anyone has any last suggestions before I call the vet. I've tried 2-3 days worth of white rice, Immodium, these little Microbia (I think that's the name..) treats to help dogs with diarrhea and bad digestion, bread...nothing is working. He is also getting plenty of water.

    Anyone have anything before I take him in and get slapped with a vet bill?
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    If he's still stick...I recommend rice right now...If he is back to normal...

    No wet food just dry...make sure your dog is staying hydrated...

    Good luck, these are my favorite foods...I'm sure the other ladies have some favorites as well.

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