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Thread: Uggg! I forgot how she acts after he leaves.

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    Uggg! I forgot how she acts after he leaves.

    Its been awhile since John had any sort of real work to do. Hes been home for a long while now. Every time he leaves for work Sandee acts out. Either by just not listening to me or chewing up things or a combination. So far today she has chewed up part of Lilys brand new birthday gift. She got on the table, took my favorite lotion and chewed the bottom off it. She ripped a piece of wrapping paper into a million shreds all over the living room. Some how she managed to get my pack of gum that was in my purse and eat that. Crazy puppy. Its hard not to be upset with her. Especially when things are picked up and she gets into them. Shes still young. I hope at some point she outgrows this acting out thing every time dad leaves.
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    I would suggest either "wearing" her or crating/confining her ANY time you are not able to be right there offering direct supervision. It will be safer for her and your sanity that way.
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    My dog goes into deep depression when DH is gone. I think she misses him as much as I do.
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    I'm sure she will grow out of it

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