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Thread: Need help!!

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    Need help!!

    Back story: My great dane, Duke, has had gastrointestinal problems for about 8 mos. We tried everything. He vomits, has chronic intermittent diarrhea, and very loud bowel sounds. He has these episodes approximately 2 times weekly. We raised his bowls, we raised them up farther (they are now chest high), we only feed him one type of food, no goodies. We tried feeding him once per day, twice per day, removing the water bowl......nothing worked.

    So, Thrusday I took him to the vet's. He gave me metronidazole 500mg tabs to give to him for 3 days in a row then as needed (for the bowel sounds). He also put him on a prescribed food. I still don't know if he's "cured" because I'll need at least a week to see if an episode returns. BUT.....the 40lb bag of food cost me $84.00 !! He eats almost 100lbs per month. I can not afford this....period.

    I need to ask if anyone's pet has intestinal problems and what they feed their animal. Duke's vet said that the he is not digesting protein in the upper intestine and it is sitting in the lower GI tract, thus the loud bowel sounds and diarrhea/vomiting.

    The brand the vet put him on is Hill's Prescription Diet I/D. Supposedly the protein is broken down further than in regular dog food.

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    The metronidazole will help with the diarrhea, you will see that slow down or stop completely on this medication. I would give it all to him because it does help "rest" the bowels. Also, the I/D is highly digestible dog food and is given to pets that usually battle IBD.

    If he is having issues with protein, you may want to try a novel protein diet usually that includes duck, rabbit or venison. I would also suggest you go low residue, grain free and high fiber. Honestly, with a dog with IBD or GI issues your foods are going to be hit or miss. You can also add some pumpkin to bulk up the stool as well.

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