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Thread: Bunny Woes

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    Bunny Woes

    So Dori and Enkei are still having a hard time getting along. Yesterday was bad, we had a HUGE fight! Dori managed to jump over the divider I had and went into Enkei's side and they ran around and scuffled a bit, and before I could grab Dori to get her back to her side, the fur started flying , they were rolling around and when I tried to separate them Enkei's mouth was attached to Dori's butt, he didn't wanna let go . I finally was able to separate them and neither of them was hurt, just chunks of fur on the floor, but it was a disappointing evening .

    I talked to the lady from the House Rabbit Society and she told me not to get discouraged, it happens, and to just keep moving forward. She also had some suggestions for me on different techniques for new dates.

    An idea I had was to take them for a walk, but I don't really have the means, so I'm looking to purchase one of these for the buns

    Judith (lady from HRS) told me it was a great idea, she's seen buns bonded that way, going for a walk in an enclosure together. so looks like I'm on the hunt for a bunny stroller
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    I know nothing about bunnies, but do you have pictures?

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