So I figured since we've been in Texas now for almost a month that I would update on how Sophie is doing with her allergies since they were so bad before we left Hawaii.

The first week we were back I switched her food to the Blue Buffalo Whitefish and Sweet potato formula. It was also cold and dry here and her skin cleared up QUICKLY after one of her hexadene baths and the new food plus new climate. One of our neighbors suggested a brand of food that has no grain in it, but is a red meat based formula... BAD BAD BAD decision to try her on that one. She immediately broke out so I've eliminated ALL red meat from her diet as well as many grains. She's doing really well on the Blue Buffalo. NO MORE Benadryl as well! YAY!!! I am beyond excited to have been able to get her off that!!

The issue we are facing now is that when it starts to warm up here her skin gets irritated again. We're continuing with the once a week hexadene baths while her skin is irritated to ensure that no bacteria or mites get active on her skin per the vet in Hawaii's instructions.

I'm scheduling her for a visit with the vet my parents use here for their dog. Hopefully with some more information, possibly tests, we'll be able to figure out exactly what is going on. FOR NOW though, she is improving! Less scratching, her ears look SO WONDERFUL, and her appetite is great on the new food!