we dropped off the dogs with a friend last night who's going to watch them for the next week while we're on vacation.

i'm sitting here in the living room waiting to go to work and it's so empty

didn't have to get up early and let them out and feed them...i miss them already...

i've never left buddy with anyone but my parents (and in fact, he use to be their dog anyway) and i've especially never left him when he's been on any sort of medication or having any medical issues.

BTW--buddy's update: he's doing great. went and got another opinion. he said the same thing but was a lot more optimistic about his out come. bud is now on a steroid and continued kennel rest. the only thing we'll have to do in the future as of right now is adjust things a little in the house. get some giant pillows for him to jump on from the furniture, either take him out on a leash or outside separate from gwen