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Thread: WTF?

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    So, the foster babies are still here (at this point, it is indefinite) and have discovered the joy of playing in the bathtub....specifically the joy of taking toys into the tub where it is easy to chase them round and round with the added benefit of being as noisy as possible. I decided to teach them the same lesson I have taught our other kitties about the bathtub - that it is NOT the place to play. I put about 3-4 inches of water in the tub, closed the curtain and turned off the light. Sure enough, within minutes I hear the thundering herd head for the bathroom at top speed, a leap and a SPLASH. However, I did not hear desperate scrambling to escape the murky depths - I heard.......more splashing! That little assh*le Raj has decided he likes the water even more than a dry tub..........
  2. i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    that is hilarious.

    I will miss you SOS...
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    I have a "water kitty" too...he plays in the tub ALL the time and will literally fight his way into the bathroom to get in there once your out of the shower.
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    These are cats?????? Wild!! The second time I tried to give mine a bath, she liked to kill me!!

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