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Thread: My poor little puppy

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    My poor little puppy

    Ok, so he's not a puppy .. but I took my dog to the petco groomers today and they made him bleed .. I didn't notice when I picked him up, but when I got home, I noticed there was blood all over the car seat!! The clipped his nails to far down and went into the qucik! He seems ok though, but I feel bad!!
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    ehhhh your pup will be fine! as long as he's not bleeding anymore. sucks that they did that though. it does happen. they probably put quick stop on it, but sometimes when they walk across the pavement it kind of rescrapes it open. for your pup either way!
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    Just try to keep them clipped short, and then the next time you take him, it will be easier for them to do. The less often you do your dog's nails, the shorter the groomer has to take the nail. It's kind of hard for me to explain, but I am sure someone can explain it better! It's all about maintenance. He will be ok though, don't worry!

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