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Thread: I can't pay you...

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    I can't pay you...

    because my dog ate your bill!

    I was putting stamps on our payments when my puppy snuck up, grabbed them, and took them under our bed. The one place in the house I absolutely can't reach her. I'm screaming at her while she's eating them, she never listens Finally, I got creative... grabbed the broom and used it to push her out. I found the whole thing too funny to really be mad about though!

    I think I still might send them this way. HaHa! The stamp, address and the check itself are fine... I'd just need to tape up the envelope. I just can't bring myself to waste those stamps!
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    Just make sure not to put any tape on the stamps

    If you put tape over or on a stamp te post office will not deliver it.
  3. I prayed, & God gave me my soldier in green. I thank Thee!
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    I prayed, & God gave me my soldier in green. I thank Thee!
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    Sneaky puppy!

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