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Thread: Its amazing

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    Its amazing

    I never realized how much a dog/puppy would change my life. I'm never without her. Ever. I know what shes doing 24/7. Today John had to do some work and he took her with him. He just had to drive to Denver, pick something up and come back home. I forget shes not home. I find myself getting up to let her in or out. I dropped a craisin on the floor and I actually had to pick it I'm listening for her tags to jingle. Its funny how much a pet can impact my life.
  2. I prayed, & God gave me my soldier in green. I thank Thee!
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    I prayed, & God gave me my soldier in green. I thank Thee!
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    Awww! They are wonderfully special beings that do give unconditionally. Ask for only companionship and a warm bed to share with you. hehe

    Would LOVE to see her!
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    It is amazing, isn't it? I think about my babies all day long when I am at work

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    My lu dog totally changefd my life. Unlike having dogs when I was a kid, she was and is totally my responsibility. She knows when I'm sick or sad and she acts accordingly. She's taught me so much about love.
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