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Thread: My poor litle girl

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    Sad My poor litle girl

    She was spayed two weeks ago and part of the incision has pulled apart and is oozing. I've already called the vet. I'm just waiting for a call back since its sunday and the office is closed. Poor girl it must hurt so much.

    to add update

    She has a pretty good infection. The vet clinic we go to has after hours emergency on call vets. Thats who I called. The vet was so wonderful. She called me right back and wanted to meet us at the clinic 10-15 minutes later. Once we got there she cleaned up the incision area where it was oozing and pusy. She gave her a shot of pennicillin, sent us home with a weeks worth of antibiotics and weighed her to make sure her not eating wasn't hurting her. Shes actually gained a whole pound in the last two weeks. I was amazed considering she hasn't been eating the past few days. The vet said shes probably just not feeling so well and food doesn't sound good, just like when we are sick. I was afraid of how much it would cost but it ended up being only $35.40! The vet waived the emergency fee and the shot because it was complications from a surgery that was done at that clinic. It saved us $120!
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    Oh no!!!

    If he or she doesn't call back...can you take her to an emergency vet? Though I despise doing that..I don't know how serious this tear is...

    : Keep us updated!
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    we are in va beach.
    that might be why she wasn't eating.
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    poor darlin

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