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Thread: The lost toys camp.

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    The lost toys camp.

    So my cat has slowly been running out of toys, and we were running out of pens.
    So I looked around the house for these things. Found one or two under the couch, but that definitely didn't account for everything.
    I eventually found them in the dining room under our little cabinet deal.

    Here's the count:
    1 catnip mouse
    1 laser light
    1 paper from my prescription
    1 packet of Sweet and Low
    1 bottle cap
    1 makeup brush
    6 pen(cil)s
    8 ping pong balls
    4 of her jingle balls
    11 foil balls

    Yeah. My cat is f'ing weird.
    HE'S HOME!
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    My cat does the exact same thing. We find stuff under my rolling bins for my scrapbooking material. I usually pull it out once a month just to see what has shown up under there.
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    lol, my cats hide them all under the couch. its so funny

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