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Thread: Our pets

  1. Proud Seabee wife!
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    Our pets

    Yes I work with Golden Rescue so we have is a tripod and then a cat a 2 fish tanks oh and a cornsnake.
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    your furkids are very cute.
    blinkies by Britt
  3. Georgia Peach
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    We got a rescue dog, and she was the best dog we've ever had! I loved her SO much! Her name was Sadie.
  4. lcandyheartl
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    Two of our three dogs at my mom's house are rescues and one of them is a tripod too! I never knew dogs could do so much with three legs. She digs holes better than the other two!

    Your puppies are very cute! What kind of fish do you guys have? Db and I just got a tank and some molly's recently. I wanted a nemo fish but a saltwater tank was too much of an undertaking for us at the time.
  5. Always n Forever
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    i have a golden..hes a big baby. We are looking into getting another..but my dh is being a butt head about it
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    Awww. So cute. We have a kitty cat that we got at a no kill shelter. When I was growing up we got 3 of our dogs from shelters and took in several stray cats. One kitten we found right outside my stepmom's house. She was barely 6 weeks. We looked to see if her mommy or other kittens were around but couldn't find any. My dad still has her and she is the queen of the house. She keeps all the other cats in line, refuses to eat anything but the cans of fancy feast and has to have her own food dish on top of the frig. She is spoiled. But she gives my dad and I hugs. She'll wrap her paws around our neck and put her head down.
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    They are gorgeous! Man I really wish I could have a dog in my apt

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