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Thread: And she's home .. :)

  1. achicnsocal
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    And she's home .. :)

    Sassy that is .. She only stayed hidden under the bed for about 45 minutes until she decided that I was still her mother ...She took to Nick instantly and now I believe she has traded me in for him Yeah I laid down on the couch and she jumped up here for a little while but as soon as he laid down in the recliner she was up and in his lap ... ... I have a trader on my hands I swear ... She's still her sassy beautiful princess self and I'm so happy to finally have her back ..
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    That's great! Enjoy the little furball! I love cats.

    BTW- where did you put her poop box? Ours is in the laundry room, but I was just curious if there was a better place that I didn't think of?
  3. RockstarMom
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    Glad you got her back!
  4. Wah Its called life idiot
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    Glad shes home and get comfy again

    our kitty litter is in the laundryroom too. Thinking of moving it to the garage and propping the door open a bit
  5. achicnsocal
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    In our old house we had it in the laundry room and I loved it in there ....but now I don't have a laundry room so it has to go in the spare bedroom .. it's not really a huge deal though because noone is going to be using it ... I thought about the guest bathroom but I hate the thought of people coming over and having to go to the bathroom with a poop box in their way
  6. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    WHOHOOOOOOO Becky!!!!!!!!!! Glad she is back with you!!!
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    I'm so glad you got your baby back!!!!!!!!!
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    I am so happy that you have her back where she belongs!!
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    Congrats Becky!!!!

    BTW---our litter box is in our laundryroom too
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    Glad she made it back home
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