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Thread: Fishies!!

  1. lcandyheartl
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    So we did it, the db and I took the big step and decided to buy kids. Fish! We live in an apartment and don't want to keep a dog locked up and our roommate already has a cat we don't really care for so we got fish. Tropical fish, adorable yellow and black fish. Hooray. Our first set of children. I got the boy, Sparkles, and he got the girl, Sparky. We had the names picked out before we went. Just turns out that I got the boy and he got the girl. We're dorks.

    Weird thing though. We bought the tank and let it do whatever it's supposed to do to the water like the lady at Petco said and went back and got the fish and everything was great until yesterday afternoon. The water started getting all cloudy for no reason. I think I'm going to go back to Petco today and see if there's anything we need to put in the tank to make that go away or if it'll just go away on it's own. I've always had 25 cent goldfish so this tropical tank stuff is all new to me.
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    I'm not a fish expert by any means, but I seem to remember that when we had ours, the water got cloudy for the first week or so, and that's normal. Then it cleared right up.
  3. lcandyheartl
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    Oh good to know! Maybe I'll just wait it out then. He said he didn't think it was anything to worry about either. I'm thinkin how great would it be if our first pets together die? What a wonderful sign for our relationship!
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    have you been leaving the light in the tank on ALL THE TIME??

    if so, turn it off for a cuople days nad the water should clear up. you arent supposed to leave the lights on for more than like 10 hours or something, (thats waht petsmart told me)
    this is like a bad movie, and i'd give it a 5 on my netflix
  5. lcandyheartl
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    yeah we have. should i just turn it off during the day and only have it on at night? i mean, that would make more sense anyway i just didn't really think about it i guess. as a matter of fact i think that's what i'll do. thanks!
  6. christymichelle
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    i turn mine on mostly in the evenings.
    did you maybe use the drops a tad too much. i know sometimes i will put too many of the drops in and it will be cloudy for a little bit

    good luck with your new babies
  7. lcandyheartl
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    i'm gonna turn the light off when i get home until it's dark and then i'll just shut it off when i leave for work and turn it on in the evening from now on.

    the only stuff we've used in the water so far was the stuff they told us we had to use initially to treat the water. we bought the tank as like a kit and everything came with it. that's a possibility too. if the light thing doesn't help after a couple of days i think i'm going to go back to the store and find out what i can do.
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