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Thread: I'm at my wits end

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    Nutts I'm at my wits end

    With my cats

    I posted a few months ago that one of them started going to the bathroom on the couch. (I have 2 cats, they are sisters) We have NO idea which one is it. It happened for a few days when my husband was out to sea, then it stopped when he got home. Now ever few weeks it happens again. They either pee or poop or both. THANK GOD my couch has removable covers, and it doesn't stink. I've sprayed the hell out of it with Febreeze and other pet products. :mad

    Well it is happening AGAIN. I've really had it. We love our cats, but we can't keep dealing with this, and I don't know what else to do! I bought the stuff you can spray to keep them away from furniture, but it didn't work. So we've been putting them both in the bathroom at night with their litter box. They pooped and peed on it TWICE yesterday and again as soon as we left the house this morning. I don't know what is wrong. I took them to the vet, and they aren't sick. He said they are doing it just to be rotten.

    Has anyone ever had this problem? What can I do? I feel so bad, but I know it's going to come down to us getting rid of both of them, or find out which one is doing it and get rid of that cat.
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    Yes, that happened to me before when I was a kid. My mom ended up getting rid of both of our cats because they wouldn't stop doing it. They ruined her couch.

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