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Thread: Pals we love :)

  1. La Xicana
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    Pals we love :)

    Ok I think we should start a thread with info about our furbabies and pics.


    Nismo - 5 month old Guinea Pig, got him from a pet store a few months back, he was my first piggie ever, and he's developed quite a personality, I love how it always shows in his pics

    Momo - He's about a 7 month old Guinea Pig, I got him a few weeks ago from a couple who was moving and didn't want to take him. He's been bounced around too much in his short little life. And hasn't been treated very well. But he's coming out of his shell and his personality is starting to shine through slowly

    I love my babies
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    Great idea for a page.

    Lucy is a Pitbull Terrier/Black Lab mix. We've had her since easter when db's sister's dog had puppies.
    She is crazy...She can't quite grasp the idea of a glass door b/c she is constantly tryin to run
    through it. lol Tim says she's dumber then a box of rocks, I say she just likes having fun, she
    almost full grown but is still a puppy( and a wanna be lap dog) at heart.

    Charlie was my first pet ever! He's a green cheek conure which is like a mini- parrot.
    He's so funny, but is really tempermental, he either likes you or doesn't and trust me
    you'll know when he doesn't. He can't talk much but when he does its super funny.
    He tells Lucy to sit, he also says WHAT!, no, and nite-nite

    and this is my newest baby Katrina, we got her from the local shelter, b/c her
    owners couldn't take care of her when the hurricane hit Lousiana and Miss.
    She's a spoiled diva already, she thinks she can do no wrong, lol

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    rottie-almost 9yrs old
    two cats-7 and 8 respectively
    2 turtles
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    Here is our doggie moses, he is dalmation/border collie and is 5 years old!

    Hanging out in the living room

    Swimming in my parents lake
  5. achicnsocal
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    Okay you guys ask for it ..

    Sassy pretending she's big enough to eat that steak ...

    Dave feeding it to her .. *dork*

    Yes .. she steals the chair .. I sit on the floor ..
  6. achicnsocal
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    All of your furbabies are SOO cute!!!!
  7. Cheeseburger in Paradise
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    i have a boxer named apollo who is just over a year and a half old. i really want to get another boxer puppy but they are too expensive and i have my hands full anyhow

    we also have a cat named smeagol who is just a few months older than the dog. he's a pain in the butt sometimes but i like him anyhow. he's a heavy and likes to pick on the dog.
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    This is Boots sporting her new Christmas collar. She's 19 weeks old.

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  9. Loving My Navy Veteran
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    Here is our doggie, Jake. He's an Australian Cattle Dog, and he's about 2.5 years old! We adopted him from Animal Control 1 day before he was supposed to get put to sleep!!

  10. Celeste
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    This is my pit Roxy....sometimes I swear she has no brain but then she does something like figuring out how to open the fence and I have to take it back. LOL

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