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Thread: flying with you pet

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    flying with you pet

    has anyone ever taken their pet (dog spefically) with them when they fly. how do i even go about the airline?
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    I have flown with my little dog a few times as a carry on. First i call the airline and make sure they fly pets and if i can fly them as a carry on or if they have to be checked in as luggage. They usually charge for pets though. I haven't flown with our lab yet but i've called a few airlines and it will be around $180.00.

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    I have flown my cat across the country about 6 times. If your dog is small enough to fit under the seat in front of you (in sometype of closed bag) then he or she can fly in the cabin with you. That usually runs about $100 each way, and you have to have a certificate of health from the vet (no more than 10 days old), and you have to call and tell the airline which flight you are on so they can make a note that you have a pet (because I think they are only allowed to fly so many pets at one time.)
    If the dog is big and has to fly with the luggage, I know a lot of airlines have black out dates (like June, July and August) where it gets too hot and they won't carry any animals with the luggage.

    ETA: Find out which airline you are going on and check out their FAQ section, there is usually information on it there.
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