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Thread: My cat is going crazy

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    My cat is going crazy

    Her litter box got changed and for the next 30min or so (could have been longer since we went to bed after that) she was rolling around in her clean litter box She has NEVER done that before. No idea why she started it now. Please excue the mess on the outside of it, DH 'forgot' to clean that part. lol

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    HAHA That is cute.. animals are sooo weird ...

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    thats too funny. i wonder why she was doing it? mine has never done that. they have done some odd things though. when i feed my one cat sheba, she will go over to the bowl and scratch the wall. i dont know why, its like she's covering it or something but its still weird. funny but weird
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    my cat will just lay in her litter box once it's been cleaned.. i buy the clumping sand and she also likes to scoop it out of her litter box (i guess it's a game to her)... cats are so funny!

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